Why is Line.findCollisions unsupported?

Title pretty much says it all.

I threw the code from TriMesh.findCollisions into Line.findCollisions and everything seems to work fine.  Is there some larger reason why I shouldn't be doing this?

Well, I guess its because a Line is a one-dimensional construct and has no real width to check collisions agains. It is just rendered with the pixel width you give it but in reality it has no surface to check collisions against.

Again, I'm just guessing.

I've wondered the same thing, but I think that Ray holds the answer since a Ray is essentially a line (albiet infinite in length) that has collision checking/picking.  Conversely, I've also wondered, and made the request, to include a Line/Expose function in the Ray method in order to see what those wacky Rays are up to when debugging.  I'll have to look back, but I don't think that I ever got an answer to that.  Of course, one can whip up a Ray-expose function on one's own rather easily…