Why was the site down?

Mojo what caused the site to go down over the weekend? I hope it had nothing to do with my suggestion to upgrade the forms. ://

I think it was a dumb ISP problem…

Anyway I’m happy to see the website back :smiley:

I was missing this forum :wink:


Clarification: What was the problem with the isp?

Something with the forum was causing a huge amount of data to be transmitted… therefore, I’m going to have to make a few changes on how it works…

Your account was suspended because a forum on your site (located at http://mojomonkeycoding.com/jmeforum) was compromised and used to send out large amounts of data. We have unsuspended your account, but highly recommend that you discover and remove the compromised part of your site. If this occurs again, we will be forced to suspend your account, with a possibility of complete termination.

Dose this have anything to do with the new version of phpbb? Was it a hacker using the vounerlibilty fixed, or part of the form? What changes will you have to make?

If there is a large chase of this happening then we should prepare for the worst.

I am going to have to install a new bb system. This means either upgraded phpbb or an entirely new system. Apparently, yes a hacker took advantage of an exploit of the current board.

I have started backing up the current board and will start looking into upgrades immediately. Until then I may need to lock this forum to insure I don’t get suspended a second time (possibly permanently).

I should be able to get the new software up fairly quickly if it’s not difficult to use… we’ll see.

Till then I sugest that you should tell people to use the other forms on the main page. (Change the link.) I hope the hacker did not get the idea from my post to telling you to upgrade.

Board has been upgraded to 2.0.11 the latest release. This has fixes to some of the security problems, including the one Badmi noted in the other thread. Hopefully, this will keep the site from being shut down.

Whoa gonna take a while to get used to this new look.

heh, but it’s fancy. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a number of themes, I’m working on allowing the user to set which theme to use.

There, you can now set your style in the profile. By default it’s subsilver which is the one you should be used to.

Good to see the site available again. I was missing something over the weekend :wink:

Maybe thats interesting (from the irrlicht homepage):

Few hours ago, the Irrlicht Engine forum has been hacked. I don’t know exactly what they changed and how they did this, but it seems that they only changed the forum frontpage. I restored it, upgraded to a newer version of the forum and changed some passwords. That’s the only thing I can do. I you are a registered user in the Irrlicht Forum, please notice that your password may be insecure now.
From my personal point of view, I cannot understand why anybody would hack an open source project website like Irrlicht. I am doing this for free, and in my spare time, of which I currently don’t have a lot. I thought hackers have some honor, but obviously I was wrong here. The Irrlicht website isn’t the only 3D engine project which has been hacked recently: The one of Purple# is another example. I’m not pleased at all. Hey guys, if you want to stop people from creating great free and open source software, you are on the right way.

OH MY GOD! They are attacking 3D engines!!! :slight_smile:

The upgrade didn’t seem to solve the need to somtimes have to type in your info twice in order to log in… :frowning:

It’s all a dark plot… Damn Luddites.

It's all a dark plot

I had nothing to do with it....okkkkkay.... why are you all looking at me suspiciously?

Mojo, you should put a warding on common forms for open source projects about this attack. I would do it but I think that they would take someone like you who has an engine more seriously then a nobody like me.

"mojomonk" wrote:
OH MY GOD! They are attacking 3D engines!!!! :)
Its the aliens. I knew it. They want to destroy all open source 3D engines, then come up with their own which secretly displays hidden messages and reprograms all human beings to do stupid things. Err, more stupid things than they are doing anyways. I knew it. The end is near. XD