Wiki GLTF little update requested

@mitm I think here:

is missing description how in Blender setup animation NLA tracks to export.

today one person on Discord put animations in one track, and there were issues ofc.
So i think it would be worth add mention that for multiple animations, each animation should have own NLA track + "selected one as " to make sure it work.

here i send reference how NLA track should be prepared to export multiple animations:


(how to make it i think its less important, but important is to let them know about this setup important for export)

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They should be able to be all on same track as long as there is a couple frames space between each animation. Thats actually the way most tracks are.

I like mine separated but even then they still must be a couple frames space between animations and the timeline must match in length, maybe thats the reason for the problem?

Does the gltf specs say they must be nla tracks? I thought they could be actions also. I vaguely remember testing that and it working.

I am unsure whether the gltf exporter bakes the actions but that’s also a possible downfall.

I will be reworking the gltf document even more when I get back to modeling. Working on getting my servers up so I am strapped for time until that is done.

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oh, didnt knew it also work for “frames space between each animation”

anyway, this is also not in this wiki page right?

so i think both solutions should be added into there :slight_smile:

edit: also not sure i didnt seen this baking wiki, its nice.(earlier i needed search “how to” myself)

ofc, it can wait until “rework” you plan, but i hope you will remember to add it :slight_smile:

Yes, I intend to go into great detail on it. I use a 4 frame gap between animations on the track, and the timeline must be equal to the time of all animations added together + gaps.

Note the green line (end of track) equals the time set on the timeline itself of 314.

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nice, i understand you will do it on Blender 2.8+ right? :slight_smile:

2.79 UI seems could be outdated for some people even now.


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The page has been there but the link to it was left out when I edited the wiki in dec. I just added the link back into the mixamo document. ill go ahead and add it to the big kahuna blender page.


thanks! you do a great job, really :slight_smile: