Wiki HomePage idea

This is kind of the direction that we'll be going with the whole BuddyPress system, where jME2, jME3, jMP have their own groups, and thus, their own wikis as well :slight_smile:


I’ve build a fast mockup for wiki homepage, you can found here:


  1. Big buttons for fast click and redirect to category - homepage
  2. Link under main buttons for main topic of category
  3. no more "one-page-for-all-approach"








     and so on…


     5 min tutorials

     showcase: link to webstart/applets games







     install it

     all stuff related to jME2


     install it

     migration tutorial from jMe2 to jME3

     all stuff related to jME3

    what do you think?

There are big changes coming to the entire website (including the wiki) over the next couple of weeks, but in theory, it makes sense to split the wiki up into jME2 and jME3 as they're very different. The tutorials would probably be under the various versions, for the same reason.

I don’t know if this makes a lot of sense without knowing how BuddyPress and BuddyPress Wiki Component work (with regards to ‘groups’ and how wikis are attached to them), but a while ago I typed up a prep-doc for our new jme wiki structure.

Think of groups as the blocks you’ve mocked up here, and you’re pretty close to what we’re shooting for. You’ll notice we had the same idea about an ‘intro’ section. The ‘learning’ part still needs to be split into its respective versions due to the dramatic differences between jME2 and jME3. There’s just no good way to write a general guide that encompasses both engine lines.

Much kudos for taking the time to mock up a visual suggestion man; those are my favorite :wink:

Good to know there are changes for wiki in program :smiley: I'll wait for it