Wiki images compression

I was on the wiki and try to compress an image and I found that the most of them can be compressed up to 80% using tinypng . If this is an issue I can create a Java app to compress all the images without losing quality if not tell me to not waste my time.

Are you referencing the TODO list?

•❏ optimize remove useless images

•❏ optimize image, use smaller file, eg convert to jpg or to webp, resize

@mitm I saw it but I want to make sure about it.

This is my plan:
I have already forked the wiki and it’s on my laptop.
I will use tinypng 's API cause they do a good image compilation without losing cality.
I already create the app that will do this I will make some improvements and publish it.
the app will create a file that contains the compiled images address in the image directory so anyone can compleat the compression of images or when a new image is added it’s should not recompress.
if you have a better idea please tell me.

Trying to figure out why you need to write an app.

Does this mean all the images have a different file name?

I read that page and it has a 20 file limit per run unless I missed something.

How do you envision this all happening?

that’s why I need an app; they provide Java API but, a user is limited to 500 f/m. a better way is to do it on the server using Ruby or PHP if this is possible it’would be perfect.

I saw the ruby. php, java setup.

I have a suggestion. Rather than cloning the wiki, use these directions and setup a independent copy so you can implement and test this out.

It includes how to setup travis. This way, once you have proof of concept, it can be confirmed.

I don’t clone for testing don’t worry,I use my forked repo.
and for Travis, I never work with it before I guess it’s time to learn a little bit about it.

@mitm You are right Travis it’s the perfect solution to this situation.

With a forked repo you don’t have control of travis setup.

With an independent copy, you have full control of scripting and travis variables as well as a testing environment that is identical to and 100% compatible with the wiki. This will expose ay flaws in your implementation.

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Ok I’ll make a copy of the repo thanks @mitm