Wiki is now modular

The wiki is now modular.

These are known as named modules, since they live inside in the component module, docs.

An explanation of each is found here in the new wiki-contribution component module, found in the modules window located at the bottom left of the wiki.

There are now no broken links or broken smart quotes in the wiki. Anything that was not being used is now gone, pages and images, folders, everything. Those stale docs and images can be found here if someone happens to want something from the past.

The wiki is sleek and pristine now and will become the 3.2 version, matching the same version as the engine, later this week.

Once that final transition step completes, it will quickly be followed by a 3.3 version that can be edited to be brought up to date with the current engine version.

After this, I will be moving back to my own project until the end of the year.

If anyone finds a problem or has questions, feel free to voice it here.


@mitm I’m getting Page not found on anything I search for



In addition, some of the search results are 404’ing, too. If you search “child” - the first result is a bad link.

Also, are the divisions based on intermediate users and advanced users no more available?

The algolia search is a third party service. They have to scrape the site again for the search to be updated. I think it gets scraped every week.


Sorta. Behind the scene, things are now organized based off whether the content is discussing a engine class or not. Anything thats related to the engine itself is now in an engine specific module, either core, networking or physics. Think javadoc but going into more detail on how the class is used.

Everything else goes into the tutorial module. We have the beginner tutorials and thats all as far as beginner goes. The rest is either a concept, where something is explained, a how to do topic, or an article.

This makes our admin job easier now. Everything has a proper place thats directly related to the jMonkeyEngine source and should look real familiar to anyone who has worked with the engine as a contributor. This is intended to let those who contribute to the engine know they should actually FOLLOW THE DAM RULES where if you make a change to the engine that needs to be documented, you now know where to do it as its the same place you just made your change to the engine or pretty dam close to it.

The navigation menu itself is still based off that concept of beginner, intermediate and advanced though where you start with the getting started link at the top and every page after that in the nav menu moves into a more difficult topic. You will now see links at the bottom of every page that lead you to the next topic and previous topic.

If you take notice, in the old wiki we had a single page where everything was linked from. That is now the navigation menu on the left, minus unnecessary duplicated content, and way easier to navigate through instead of having to always go back to that uber link page. The topics in the menu describe what is being done, exactly as before.


Is there no way to invoke a scrape on request?

As @8Keep123 said, the search scrape happens every 24 hrs so it should populate by tonight.

No. Its automated and happens every 24hrs. Its actually working now for me. Try again and let me know if its not for you.

Edit: Not working for me yet either but it will shortly.

To explain, we are receiving free search through DocSearch, not an Algolia account search where we can control the timing.

We could never use Algolia for free otherwise as the wiki is to large for the free use tier.

Ok. Great work, by the way. It’s a mammoth task. I’d be very surprised if everything went without a single hitch. :heart:

Is search now working for you?

The search for “child” still yielded a 404 for the first ajax search result, and I use DuckDuckGo - which probably needs to re-scrape it. I probably just need to wait a little longer.

Thank you for all your work on the JME wiki.

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Glad to help.

On a side note, the scrape has happened and now search works for me. If not for others, let me know.

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Working for me now :slight_smile: thanks