Wiki now builds error free

For the first time in what appears to be years, the wiki now has an error free build log.


This I don’t know what to do to fix,

W: GPG error: XXXX/mongodb-/Release: The following signatures were invalid: KEYEXPIRED XXXX

W: The repository XXXX/mongodb/Release' is not signed.

W: XXXX/InRelease: Signature by key XXXX uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)

W: XXXX/Release.gpg: Signature by key XXXX uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)

Looking at mongodb, id say its time for a new DB, unless they change their cryptography. Input is appreciated since I am not experienced at security and DB. Eager to learn though.

It still built successfully though?

So I don’t think its an issue. Also its caused by mongodb which isn’t even used anywhere in the wiki build process.

Yes, it builds fine.

Couldn’t find where its being used or why. Is this something travis uses?

Travis includes a bunch of dependencies that you may or may not want to use. Essentially it gives you the kitchen sink and then you figure out what you want to use out of that.