Wiki outdated links

Hi, a lot of wiki links in the basic tutorials still point to googlecode to show users more example code. Does this need to be updated to point to the github version? I have some spare time and I can do this, and any other wiki updating that needs to be done now that we can edit the wiki again. Just tell me what needs to be done.


The example code mostly still works, especially as the official version is still 3.0 but as that version of the wiki is stored in the SDK manual as well, yeah, these links could be updated.

Thanks :wink:

I’m starting to work on updating links/fixing dead links and replacing hard links with wiki internal links, so even if the url changes again, all the links will be updated automatically. I’m running into some issues, such as the report bugs page is outdated, but it does have a notice that says all the information is wrong. Once I finish updating links I can get to stuff like that.

One thing that I don’t understand is that some pages have footnotes that link to nothing, It seems they used to link to images or something. For example the Hello SimpleApplication tutorial has a “tag_beginner_intro_documentation_init_simpleapplication_basegame”. What is this, and should I do anything about it?

EDIT: Also wiki pages such as have images that are gone that I can’t do anything about. And some pages link files that are on googlecode that are not on github, such as the that contains one of the example scenes (either that or I just cant find it).

Those might be referring to tags, I guess clicking on a tag would cause it to show other pages with that tag in the old system.

Can anyone confirm that I can delete any tags I come across?

Well if they are dead links I guess it’s preferable to delete them.
Go ahead.

I guess @Zathras put them there for a reason, we could maybe simply install the tags plugin again?

Agreed. I installed the necessary plugins and tags are not working again. I am however not sure what kind of convention @zathras had going on for tags, so until she chimes in we won’t really be able to say much about how and when tags should be used. Just “apply generously” I guess, without going overboard.

If it looks like “tag_beginner_intro_documentation_init_simpleapplication_basegame” then those are six tags, not one! I don’t know why they are rendered like that.

Ok, now I think I have most of the sample code links updated, I updated other small things that needed updating too. I did not mess with any tags.

Edit: Crap, I just realized I could get a complete list by searching the wiki for “”. I have a lot left to do.