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Note, fbx support is no better than blender, so we might get rid of it as well.

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i seen a lot of users use fbx for some reasons

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FBX is slightly better than .blend in that on some level it actually IS an interchange format… a proprietary one, but still.

.blend on the other hand could change to a raw memory dump tomorrow for all we can predict. It’s sole purpose is to support Blender and Blender supports a million things that games don’t care about.

FBX is at least in the ballpark.

That being said, having it in ‘core’ has already caused problems since we got contributions that always had to go through Kirill, etc… rather than just letting someone take over a jme-contrib library and evolve it as they saw fit. Back then GLTF wasn’t even a blip on the RADAR yet.

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FBX is the go-to for unity, so it’s most likely that the resources are from the unity asset store - hence the relative continued popularity.


Ill add them, I only use fbx as a transition object currently since the use of it in jme never worked for me. By transition object I mean I use Blenders version of fbx, not the krill version (i.e. no jme conversion) that paul mentioned as other applications use it like Mixamo.

After I am done with it in Blender, I just export as a different format.

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