Wiki transition is now complete

Wiki is now versioned, transition is complete. Content may now be updated or added.


I think I got this in before the scrape for search runs so search should be up by the morning.

I guess not all pages :slight_smile: Will wait for tomorrow

Good work @mitm !

Edit: not meant sarcastically :smiley: realized afterwards it may come across like that


btw. do 3.2 and 3.3 wiki share content so no need update both in some areas?

if not, then i hope everyone will remember that need update both(i mean mistakes in wiki)

No, the wiki is just like every other versioned project. You can however, cherry-pick commits to any branch as versions are just that, branches. Checkout a branch, cherry-pick and push your commit.

Alternatively, every page is editable right from the wiki by selecting the “Edit this Page” link in the header. That will open up whatever version of the page you are on at the time on github.

Most likely, edits will be on master though.

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