Wiki work

I've done some formatting and organization of the wiki pages to make them easier to navigate and read. I made clear separation of jME 1 and jME 2 related pages in hopes to help eliminate confusion.

I also added some text to the downloads pages but didn't have many words to say. I would like someone with a good vocabulary to add to my descriptions of jME 1 and 2 to make it more clear what the status is.

Also, if you encounter a TODO: for any item description in the wiki, please fill it in.

It looks great! Nice job. All we need now a jME 2 User's Guideā€¦

By the way, just when I thought my pdf tool was ready and began converting the whole User's Guide I reached a page that it was taking a really long time to parse, I waited 20 minutes but it didn't finish, while parsing like 10 pages before that only took 30 seconds total. I tried to parse individual parts of that page and it worked, but the more I tried to parse at the same time it would increase the total time in a non-linear way. I will have to do a major re factor of the parsing engine, I will have to do a Lexer pass first and then parse that. It will take me a while.

In the meantime all of you can get busy improving the wiki and preparing the skeleton of the jME 2 user guide until the wiki to pdf tool is ready.

nice work nymon