WIP: Aliens Attack - Contest Entry

I know this is late, but I looked over the rules for a “no submissions accepted after…” rule and could not find one, so I might as well throw in my hat. My time is going to be greatly divided (by family stuff for holidays and I have another application [work-related, not a game] to work on), so I might have to throw in the towel shortly after the hat, but I’m going to at least try.

I’m going to make a sci-fi space shooter. The typical “aliens want our planet and are invading” scenario where you have to defend against incoming hordes of grays.

I made a quick placeholder model for the player’s space ship, one for the alien’s ships and one for their people, just a few hours worth of work. That’s really all the actual work that is done so far. I have design ideas though, and a basic knowledge of what direction I want to go with this.

To make the planet surface seem a bit nicer, I will apply a heightmap to it. I have a tool of my own creation that creates random planet maps, and I will be using that just to create the textures for the planet. I wanted to mention that up front since that means I will be using some of my previous work. There will be no previous code I have created involved in this game, just a previously made tool spitting out some texture files. I figured that should be fine since there is no rule against using tools to make assets (otherwise Blender, Photoshop and even some of JME3’s own tools would be out).

Well, there’s a lot to do and extremely limited time now to do it, so I better go get someone to crack the whip for me.

Good luck! If you need any help with the rules just ask! You are not breaking any rules by the way.


I’ve only made a couple of additions to the game, which I forgot to post about here when I did them. Regardless, I have not gotten nearly enough done, and I won’t have enough time before the due date to change that, so I will not have this done in time. I thought I could fit this into my schedule, but it appears I have been wrong. I must retract my submission.


Don’t worry. Thanks for trying. Maybe you will have time in the future to finish it.