WIP : Magical Defenses - Contest Entry


I’m making the game with my child (8 year old) because he want something more elaborated than the standard tower defense and “because it’s too cool to define the game i want and get it…”

It will be a tower defense based on a 3d terrain and domain-magic (air/earth/fire/water/life/death)

Currently we got a small 3d map, with somme objects : your magic pyramid, magic nodes and obelisk (aka area defense)

The basic earth-map

A zoom on a set of magical nodes (gives more power, but can be attacked instead of your pryramid)



good luck :wink:

Now thats what I call purpose :slight_smile: Looks very neat already. Great to see all this happening.


Looking good. If you need any help with the rules, just ask! Good luck!

EDIT: I saw French in a screenshot. Please remember that English must be included.

Sounds interresting :smiley:

Also: LOL at your score normen :stuck_out_tongue: Why don’t you change it back?

It doesn’t matter for us ;).

@memonick : duly noted.

All text are coming from property files, so that should be simple.

I’m currently trying to track where i found my art (texture, menu background, fonts…), and remove the one that are not free.

As for help with rule, i think my child got this cornered (he made a spreadsheet with what he want first, then possible ameliorations… and so on).

i’m more concerned with balance, but we’ll find later.


Make sure that it doesn’t get too complicated :wink: A demo later on would help me determine this.

I love that there’s a parent/child team submitting an entry :smiley:

Looks good mohira - tell your son he is very lucky to have a dad willing and able to make him his own game!

Now, mohira, be honest. Who’s better? Parent or child? :stuck_out_tongue:

@memonick : well. as for programming, i think i’m clearly the winner. He’s trying to learn development using logo :). For tower defense, i must admit that he is way better than i. it seems that he don’t mind trying totally new strategies, while i try to adapt mine. however, long term planning is not he string point (chess for exemple :slight_smile: ). I still have a few years before me of being his own personnal little god :slight_smile:

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Wow, cool team! Can’t wait to start playing it! I simply love tower defense games! Nothing captivates me more… btw: looks very very cool already!

@ttrocha : well, we were speaking about it since a few week, and i had debuted the code to display a map, so the start was faster than expected :slight_smile: We were just lucky :slight_smile:

I only hopes that i can put everythnig he wish for, but the first idea are coming throught. First implemented, the earth obelisk : a area defense, creating impassable obstacles on the map (or damaging creature already present on the point), the obstacles changing every 3 seconds…

the only problem i see is that the code willl probably not be production-quality, even if i try to maintain good seperation…


As a parent of young kids, this is really inspiring! Good luck and have fun.

I have 2 girls, and the game of choice atm is diner dash, I guess I have to start making those games :stuck_out_tongue:

After two full week of “IRL-too-much-work”, i’ve been able to make some progress, along with a redesign of the application’s code. The earth-obelisk are now functionnal (make some random cell non-crossable temporarily), as well as the death-obelisk (any creature that die area inside will give mana).

I don’t know what will happen for cell that are in the area of several obelisk, as the effects are represented by particles. I hope it won’t become too much clustered, or that performance will fall below acceptable…

earth-obelisk particle : small plant growing and shrinking

detah obelisk particle : small phantoms moving out of the ground

on a related subject : how do you make correctly mapped objects ? i’ve created a 6-sided obelisk using wings3d, and used UVMapper to get the faces on an image file, but i seem to be unable to create something that look halfway correct from this point. is there somewhere a (generic) tutorial, or a repository jo3 objects that i could use ?