[WIP] My Crappy MMO… Starting to come along (new vids, etc, etc)

Soooo… been hacking away at this forever and a day now. Very happy with how it is coming along. I finished implementing the spell system and NPC AI casting. A video or three are attached to demo progress.

  1. This is a short clip showing off the UI. HUDs can be saved/loaded to/from the server… making it a little easier to play from where ever,


2. Short... really short combat clip. I disabled proximity agro so I can test a little easier.

3 This shows the filter post processor I wrote for underwater effect... it's a bit on the cheesy side, however... the filter wasn't written specifically for this purpose and does a WHOLE LOT more than a simple ripple effect. This also shows zone handling (no load screen... ugly... but works) Quick run through a TEST indoor zone to show doors, etc. (uploading this soonish)

Ugh… can’t seem to get video embedded…



Cool, looks like you got a lot of game mechanics working already, good work! I had to laugh pretty hard when the “Evil Overlord” finally got you… and started “oxford-style” boxing you xD

HAHAHA… scary stuff, eh?

You should see them dance :wink:

awesome, also take a look at this http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/contribution-depot-jme3/forum/topic/projective-texture-mapping/ and http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/user-code-projects/forum/topic/wip-video-very-early-rim-light-shader/

ull find it interesting for targeting an interactive object with a more conventional way :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we see them dance? >.<

great video mate, I can see heaps of work has gone into it so far, keep it up !

Nice AI but on the first view the drawn look of the terrain and your nice, customizable GUI system impressed me more :wink: (Although I know that there is more involved than eyecandy^^) Very nice work :slight_smile:

@Setekh I definately will be using a projected texture for the targeting ring, once I get around to actually implementing a more final version of the graphic. Atm, I’m just focusing on functionality. Oh… and… you CAN see them dance!


@thetoucher Thanks!

@enum The gui has been a main focus for sure. Eventually, maybe the game will look as nice as it is functional. I guess I can hope anyways.

Here is me being lazy. I need some motivation to finish up something I’ve been working on and can’t seem to find it.

The way harvest nodes work… you mine/forest/forage them and they return a container with associated loot. This mechanism, is the exact same process for kill/looting corpses, with one added step… a visual for the container (i.e. corpse) that expires, eventually–if not looted. Sooooo… I have almost no work to implement this, as all of the logic and object handling is done., but I can’t seem to get together the motivation to just implement it.

Someone kick me in the ass to get me started… please.

Actually… thinking about it, it is a hell of a lot easier than I thought to begin with. Every object has a default action associated with it… and that default changes depending on distance. i.e. you are far away, you are targeting… you are close, you are interacting. So, I guess I should just re-associate the existing NPC node with the returned container and change the associated action script on NPC death.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

Go make your home work now and stop being a lazy a…!!! :smiley:

What if blizzard had done the same “yeah, well…mining…and crafting and stuff…pheww…boring…too bad we got “craft” in the name of the game i tell ya…”

What i do when i can’t find motivation is i completely switch topic…then motivation comes back eventually. Do something else…even take break to play video games, that may give you inspiration.

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If you’d used an Entity System then you’d be almost done with that new feature now. :smiley:

…presuming your brain survived the learning process.

Gives t0neg0d a kick on the arse - come on, get on it, you lazy programmer! :wink:

PS. For my sake you can feel free to ramble on, as it’s interesting to read about other people’s approaches and solutions.

Bump… new game play vids… etc etc etc… doink.

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The GUI reminds me of a Lineage2 game. :wink:

Cool light/fog effects in that dungeon.

Nice updates!

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