WIP: Noname football game - Contest Entry


My game that I wish to create is fairly simple to play and fun to watch.

The idea is that you coach a team of players. They play games against other players or the computer.

Your “player” consists of a form that you choose:




or Spheres.

You can choose color and face for them.

Then you place your players at the game field as you wish and watch the game evolve!

You can’t decided where they will run or what they will do during the game.

So you can simply watch as you’r players thinks for themself.

To make your team better, you can increase their:

Speed, Strengh, Samina AND Intelligence!

If they have more intelligence they will be less likely to just stand there and more likely to actually

score some points :stuck_out_tongue:

Points to set at these abilities will be given after each game.

The idea with this game is to make it more entertaining to watch the football games

than to make it a competition game. So misstakes and stupid actions made by the football players

will be quite high unless they have much intelligence.

I was thinking “Square Football” as a name for it. But as not everyone will be squares the name fails…

Tell me what you think of the idea and give feedback and suggestions. They are warmly welcomed :smiley:


Football or American Football? If it’s soccer, hope it will be good! Either way, good luck. If you need to ask me anything regarding the contest rules, just ask :slight_smile:

I was thinking soccer, but now that you mention it.

It would be more fun to have them running with the ball and then see what the opposite team will do :smiley:

It would also allow more tactical play to get into the picture…

I might do american football actually now :smiley:

I knew I shouldn’t have spoken :frowning:

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PixelSoccer :roll:

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Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

For this time only it does not include a pixel enviroment :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. I can’t wait to hear how the AI will work behind this (or rather see it). This sounds pretty neat though. :smiley:

will look like this :smiley:

More like this:


Made it to illustrate my idea :smiley:


Seems fun :slight_smile:

I’d love to see the option of drawing your own avatar on the face of the object… or being able to pick your own rage face!

Oh! A PES screenie! YAY ^^

Addez, please - forget about rugby :slight_smile: It’s not a sport, you know :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, I’v changed my mind again. It can be more fun with soccer as they kick the ball instead of running with it.

Would bring more physics into the game :slight_smile:

Here’s first preview from the game.

It’s just a football field with physicframe.

But I got a little competition of my own :smiley:

Create an Ad in the size 98x55 pixels, in png format.

Then I will be able to add it to my game. As you can see I have 4 open spots.

Join now!

So if you wish to contribute, create the best ad and I’ll add it.

You can make ad for anything, even your own contest entry :slight_smile:

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Oh, also, to submit just add the link to your image here. Use the image button.

That’s a tough aspect ratio to work with. Not finished yet (not even the right dimensions!), but this is what I’m tinkering with :slight_smile:

Yea, it will be stretched tho when added to the sides.

Hehe, I wanted to make one with the jme head too but instead I thought I’ll make it a challenge :smiley:

@Addez said:
Yea, it will be stretched tho when added to the sides.

oO ...why not directly request the right format then?

Hmmm, it gave an idea. Paper-thin dancer monkeys :smiley:

Five minutes in Photoshop because I thought it would be funny:


That’s an incredibly hard size to be funny in, though. :slight_smile: Use it or not, I just wanted to poke at the addicts (including myself). :slight_smile:


pik meh pekchure fur teh plezz mak heppi!

yay… soccer…