WIP: Project Soft War: Turn-Based Tactical RPG – Contest Entry

We (team of two) are planning to make a Turn-Based Tactical Role Playing Game placed in a cyberspace setting (TRON-like). The play field won’t be divided into square- or hexfields. Instead, every character has various analogue action ranges ( melee range, movement range etc.). Hopefully this decision will not cause to many problems (e.g. with AI) :slight_smile: . For the contest the gameplay will be limited to battles only. This means no campaign etc. We hope the project will turn out interesting.


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Cool, looking forward to this! Love turned based games like this! And I love TRON alikes… looking forward to this! Keep on rocking

Good luck! If you need any help with the rules, just ask :slight_smile:

And here comes the first update of our project.


It doesn't look like much, but we are mostly working on stuff that happens under the hood.

The next thing on the list are various actions one Unit can do. We allready have a command system, so this isn't goint to be a big thing. After that the whole "Round based" thing is going to happen. (And of course some custom models. Sinbad isn't very Cyberspacey :) )
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Not much to comment on, but it looks like you’re putting effort into this. Make sure the grid doesn’t become too shiny and attracts more than the units themselves.

Another quick update. Sinbad can finally walk!


We had several problems with this.
- 1: We mixed up the Physics and MotionPath only to realize we don't need physics here. They were a relic of times forgotten. :)
- 2: The terrain wouldn't collide with a Ray. We found out, that the direction vector of the ray, has to be normalized. This one cost a lot of time.
- 3: Last but not least, the sinbad model has his origin in the center of the model, rather than at the bottom. We just relocated the origin with blender and exported it with the ogre exporter. The exporter is quite hard to install (You have to use the correct versions of Blender and Python) but it works well.

Because of these problems and other things (damn you Bioware :( ) we didn't get quite as far as we wanted to. But we are motivated to finish this. The more stuff we add (especially things that you can't see without looking at the source) the easier and more fun it get's to work on the project.

Stay tuned for more Soft War!
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looking good :slight_smile: there’s something fun about watching him do exactly as instructed.

You shouldn’t need to re-export sinbad, have a good go over the scene graph for dummies documentation, you could be using nodes to help you reposition him.

We allready did this. We put a Node around Sinbad and changed the local Translation of him. But the Motionpath allways reverted it.(Sinbad allways sunk into the terrain) Maybe this wasn’t a Model problem but rather because of the physics. Hmm…


Another update fresh from the forge!

We added a GUI and some basic commands as well as basic stats(You can't see all of them in the video). We hope you like it.

Coming Soon:
New Models
Different Unit types
Updated GUI

Stay tuned for more.


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