WIP : Taco Truck – Contest Entry

Taco Truck


Player will pre-program the Taco Truck on a route before each round.

The Taco Truck will make money when it gets to a square with a customer on it

and will fail when it hits a obstacle.



wicked man, love the idea, good luck

If you need any help regarding the rules, just ask. Good luck.

Love the simplicity and love tacos :smiley:

Are the obstacles generated after you choose your route? i.e: is it luck or skill based if you bump into obstacles?

might fix “Context Entry” to “Contest Entry” ?

@gbluntzer yee, context entry, keep it that way :wink: looking forward to more updates. :slight_smile:

I like to keep it abstract just in case i need to change the implementation :slight_smile:

right now context is Contest but later it will be Fortune and Glory.

you should keep it that way so if you pull off a victory, we can all put in a protest and get you stripped of your Fortune and Glory :stuck_out_tongue:

Making some peeps


Making some peeps


Neat! Are they going to be bobblehead figures?

No animation at the moment just need some place holders better then blocks.

People on the map


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For some reason its making me think Battle Ship.

I might put some grid numbers and letter on the side :slight_smile:

… You Sunk my Taco Truck

*should be think instead of thing… The Edit button does not work for me

@gbluntzer said:
*should be think instead of thing.... The Edit button does not work for me

try joining this group (should be a button in the content header next to the picture of big trophy I'm going to win)

A bit more progress


3d view looks good, I also like the top down, will you be using both ?