WIP Video - Teleport Effect

Hi guys,

Was working on a new effect over the weekend, thought I might share progress …


disclaimer - the bots behaviour in this video in no way reflect on my ability of a programmer :P, they have a nav mesh, but choose to ignore it.


Hehe, grappling-hook style teleporting, me likey ^^

As far as I understand… this is a sequnce of images with alpha? Really nice effect!!!

hey kewl!!!

ahah. That’s so neat looking! :smiley:


Thanks guys :slight_smile: The game mechanic took next to no time to slap together compared with building the particle effect, those things are tricky!

The smoke effect looks great. How does it work?


Short answer : particles.

Longer answer : I create the smoke effect in Blender, heavily tweaked it to look vaguely like ink in water, ramped the speed right up, rendered it out as 16 frames, merged them together into a sprite sheet which I use as part of my particle material.


Nice!!! You did that effect with blender smoke physics. Really cool!!!