Wise Up: a seven-day jME3 game

I’ve just released my first game using jME3 called Wise Up! Created in 7 days, it’s a puzzle game where you have to move around in 3D to arrange letters into quotations. You can play it on my site and please leave feedback either there or here!

I doubt I would have completed this in time without jME3, so kudos on a great engine and good documentation. I found some issues during development, some of which I already submitted patches for, others I need to investigate and produce simple test cases for. Particularly, overlapping bitmap fonts which have the same z often go a bit weird, which you can see most easily by rotating the wrong way in level 1 and looking from the back. Anyway, I’ll raise that in a new post when I’ve narrowed it down.


um you do realize you posted no links right ?

OK, I missed the ending " in my <a href> :slight_smile:


Good stuff (and rest assured your contributions in the issue tracker have not gone unnoticed), but why is there no sign of your game? Just sayin’, normally there’s a screenshot-series/video/download presented in this type of thread :wink:

Edit: Hah okay, there we go!

Download is here: http://www.davidc.net/blog/201102/experimental-gameplay-wise-up

Development screenshots are here: http://www.davidc.net/blog/201102/experimental-gameplay-wise-up/wise-up-development-screenshots

nice game ^^

gui and background are pretty

idea of the game is also good.

music is also ok.

8/10 score

Amazing fun! One of the best puzzle games (relaxed puzzle games) I have ever played! Very professional! I’d give you a 9.9/10!

Thanks for posting it!