Witch wiki is working now?

I see two wiki there on github. One forked from davidB/sandbox_wiki_jme use asciidoc, while the other created by erlend-sh use markdown.

Which one is now working?

I guess that davidB’s wiki is now in use, just want to confirm. Because all I wrote is in markdown, need change to asciidoc?

The one which is “official” is: http://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/

if you look the raw content of the erlend-sh you’ll see that is not really markdown but html.
Asciidoc(tor) is reacher than mardown, because it was made for doc and book. The syntax of extension is normalized, so syntax flavor like with markdown.
github (like lot of editor) allow preview, but if you prefer a dedicated editor like MarkdownPad2, you can give a try to Asciidoc Book Editor based on JavaFX 8 (I didn’t try it).

Yes, it is html. Why named with .md:sweat:
I use markdown because the forum use it, and I learn it before I know asciidoc.
I will try change to asciidoc.

Where is this “Witch Wiki” of you speak? I want to know all about “Witches”?!? :smiley:


:joy: Which…