Www doesn't work

Did you know www.jmonkeyengine.org doesn’t redirect properly, where as jmonkeyengine.org and www.jmonkeyengine.com do?

Actually the .com domain redirects to a Chinese website


Not sure what the header says, but it seems something racist :chipmunk:

I fixed the redirect for www.jmonkeyengine.org
Not sure about .com, I don’t have control over that domain.

Yes, there are a lot of dangling links, making it very hard for newcomers to use the documentation.

Some more examples:
links to
but should link to

links to
but that link does not work.

Even the little “Search the doc” at the top of https://jmonkeyengine.github.io/wiki/
doesent work.

It gives links like for example

which should be

Could you please make some redirections, at least of all material on
which should be redirected to the corresponding subpages at

Im trying to do a class in JME, so I would be really really happy if it could be fixed
Thanks in advance,
Jacob Nordfalk


Weird (the .com) . Because first I didn’t get any forward at all, and (minutes) later it worked fine.

Thanks for the fix anyhow.

The link conversion is performed in a script in this repo:

So I guess there’s a problem there. You may need to contact @david_bernard_31 or submit a pull request to have those issues fixed.

Searching is also busted and returns bad links. You can kind of guess the right links if you know the conversion but it’s painful.

So, yeah, it would be nice if David has some more magic for us.

I only mention this because they’re probably the most visible broken links for a newcomer starting from Github, but the “Read the Wiki” and “here it is again” documentation links both give me 404s too.

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I fixed the documentation links in the project’s readme.

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