Xbuf format – A developer friendly game exchange format for 3d data

Wait it can already do animation? O.o thats pretty amazing for the short development time :smile:

Indeed… I may have to try this out soon myself.

Request for assets: If you have already working model (jme ready asset), can you share some of them with me to test.
For each I need :

  • the .blend
  • a screenshot of the model imported into jme
  • how do you import it (via jme blender importer 3.0 or 3.1, ogre xml exporter (link to your exporter version)
  • license, and if I can share and store the model on public repo (github or http file server) or not (No by default)
  • what is the “interest” point to take care (eg, skeleton, material, lighting, mesh, …)


A blacksmith building model, from blendswap (http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/75729) and made jme-ready by me. The license is CC0.

Blender file: http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g160a51fd58166105999693193d5bf3461c0fbd36b


I import it via Ogre with the version 0.6 (http://code.google.com/p/blender2ogre/downloads/detail?name=blender2ogre-0.6.0.zip&can=2&q=)

Nothing really special about the model. It has a lot of materials and textures though.

Thanks to @mathiasj and @Empire_Phoenix for your model, they already help me to detect issue (not yet fixed).

Anyways I wrote a quick doc/guide (README + wiki) to help you start to use xbuf / blender + jme at jme3_xbuf

@Riccardo I hope you’ll give another try.

Thanks for any help, comments.

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I tried it just now, but I’ve had another issue… the 0.5.1 version somehow doesn’t show up in blender 2.74.

you unzip the archive manually ? because if you call “install from zip” from blender the created directory will be blender_io_xbuf without version number. (the directory name is like a java package). try rename or use install from file (and select the downloaded zip)

I didn’t, the ‘Install from zip’ extracts the directory with the version number. Anyway i renamed it and now it’s working.

Thanks for the feedback I’ll recheck the process on an other env.

There is something really weird… i can see only one geometry at time with the external render, like when i go near to one, the other one disappears. I can provide a video if you want.
Also, when the xbuff render is enabled in blender, the texture panel is blank.

Yes, video or a set of screenshot are welcome, maybe open an issue on github if you have a account (to help track the issue). I got some issue with camera fov some time ago, may I migrate the wrong code under xbuf org.

Thanks, I’ll take a look tomorrow (time to sleep). If you find other issue create as many ticket as needed.

Awesome. Will give it another try as soon as I get a decent connection back.

Our test robo model.
We import it with ogre 0.6.0 (xml included).
Image after import (I manually added particles):
I use for it “wall” material (not included).
You can share it.

I need use ogre because SDK importer don’t see IK bones so I need to make keyframe for every bone - with ogre its easier.

Thanks, to every model’s contributors (from this thread and others). Your assets, already, help to find bugs, but I didn’t fix them (few only).

I’ll do a “visual” update of the of the progress next week, with a bonus I’m working on (I’m teasing :-D).

@mathiasj, I have strange behavior the roof of the house is with tiles on “solid view” but with wood with the render view (blender render) like in SDK screenshot.

Yeah that seems to be an issue with the model. To fix it, select the roof in object mode and choose “RoofTiles3” as a material in the materials section. Then change the texture of that material to “RoofTiles.jpg” and it should work. I can also upload the updated version of the model if you want to.

I should be able to follow your instruction. I just find it strange that blender show 2 differents things.

Yeah that’s afaik because Blender shows you a kind of preview in solid mode where you can test out different settings regarding the UV maps and so on while in rendered mode it shows how the model actually looks with the material settings you specified.

Today I discovered that as I will play the same two animations in a row that some parts of the robot vibrate unnecessarily. For example foots (“stopa_l/r” or “kostka_IK”) in “boring” animation.