Yet Another Deferred Shading

Like many others (see bellow), I create a deferred rendering pipeline for jme3. It’s a WIP version, and I very open to any feedback.

My main motivation, he is not to handle hundreds of lights, but I would like to use some “effects” that works better with (deep) GBuffer like motion blur, SAO.

The others, I found :

Since today, all the assets of my demo are availables (ready to use as .j3o) on jm3stuff : jme3stuff - Maven - Bintray
So you can play with the project (require gradle 2.x + jdk 8.x ) : GitHub - davidB/jme3_ext_deferred: [experimental] a deferred rendering for jME3


I just publish a new video to trace progress.

(capture resolution : 720p)


That looks pretty cool!! nice work!


It’ll better with your help and your PBR (I hope).