Youtube now supports 360° video

Like this (warning: currently works only for Chrome OR Android):

Well, need I say more? Nobody has yet thought of a Video360RecorderAppState? It would be beyond awesome!

Hm goddammit, why cant i use the mouse to turn around :stuck_out_tongue:
Else than that pretty nice, and a appstate might be somewhat simple possible, depending on how the videos must be encoded.

You have to mouse drag. It works, tried with Chrome. And with Android you move the device around yourself (so I am told)!

It probably is the same as photo sphere

Which probably should be the “first step”…

Looks like an equirect texture.
3.1 will support this kind of textures for the sky box.
I guess if we can read the file format and codecs it could be trivial to map this to a sky box

Hm that way would be pretty cool as well,
especially for playing cutscenes, that still feel like ingame :slight_smile: