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I’m going to try to collect important Zay-Es related links in this one topic:

The repository:
Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.
Moved to here: GitHub - jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/zay-es: Zay-ES is a Java-based high-performance entity-component-system.

Where to download the jars:
Official releases are here now:
Releases · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/zay-es · GitHub


Main Zay-ES page:

API Javadoc:

Example Applications:
The full Asteroid Panic example:
Repository: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.

Edit: updated main links to the new github-based links.


Just uploaded a new version of Zay-ES along with a brand-spanking-new Zay-ES-Net extension library.

Both releases have accompanying javadoc. The new network layer has been through limited testing but it would surprise me greatly if there aren’t still bugs lurking in there.

Changelog for Zay-ES core:

  • Removed the direct DefaultEntityData reference from DefaultEntity
  • Removed the direct reference to DefaultEntityData from DefaultEntitySet.
  • Added a protected isReleased() method to DefaultEntitySet so subclasses
    can check released state.
  • Added a protected method for accessing the change queue.
  • Added a method to DefaultEntitySet.Transaction for directly injecting
    added entities. (Useful for when entities are loaded asynchronously.)
  • Added an internal optimization to DefaultEntitySet that avoids attempting
    to re-retrieve a component that was removed.
  • Added a protected registerComponentHandler() method to DefaultEntityData
    so that subclasses can customimze component handler implementations.
  • Removed the SpiderMonkey dependency from core Zay-ES
  • Converted direct log4j references to slf4j.

Just uploaded a new release of Zay-ES.jar and its javadocs. Nothing really changed except formatting which will throw line numbers off in stack traces so I thought I’d post a new version.


  • Reformatted source code to be closer to normal Java coding conventions.
  • Added some Javadoc here and there.
  • Removed unused methods update() and clear() from DefaultEntity

Just uploaded a new release of Zay-ES-Net with some bug fixes.


  • Modified RemoteEntityData.RemoteEntitySet.release() to check
    to see if the connection is still connected before sending
    the release message.
  • Fixed a bug where really eager sendUpdate() calls were causing
    thread contention with entity set creation. This would be
    especially true for large sets and short update cycles.
  • Fixed a similar future-bug for resetting the filter, too,
    though that one would be much harder to time just right, ie:
    even more bizarre if seen in the wild.

Zay-ES and Zay-ES-Net have been moved to github and two releases of the latest code pushed.


Zay-ES release 1.1.1:

Zay-ES-Net release 1.1.1:


Added more doc links:
Main Zay-ES page:

API Javadoc:

The documentation link is not working

Took some digging but I guess it’s here now:

…we had to move the wiki stuff and it’s still kind of barely functional.

Thanks :smile: makes it easier to get in to the frameworks

Yeah, I need to improve the docs on the main zay-es site with some of my own. The docs linked above were written by the community and are nice but it would be nice to have something official and homed closer to the code.