ZOrder change give untextured quads texture?

I have a scene with a rootNode and 3 Quads attached to that node.

Two of the quads have

setTextureCombineMode( TextureState.OFF ) and uses DefaultColor

The third quad have a texture

Initialy all three quads have different ZOrder value. But if I give any of the two untextured quads same ZOrder as the textured quad they to get this texture.

I guess this behavior is a bug or is it some feature I don't know about? :slight_smile:

Would be nice to see this in action. Can you post the test code?

Sounds like the texturing is dependent on draw order which would say to me that you did not update your render states properly.

I'll try to reproduce this in a short stand alone app. tomorrow.

Yeah I probably haven't grasped the exact use of states. But I do this when the above happend

  1. Before the gl-thread has started and I build my SceneGraph for the first time I just add all the elements and states
  2. When the scenegraph is built I do an updateGeometricStates and updateRenderStates on the rootNode

    apart from that I only change the ZOrder while running the app.

    But even if two geometries have same ZOrder. One with a texture and one without… if the textured geom. happens to be drawn first the TextureState should not impact the second geom. since it has setTextureCombineMode( TextureState.OFF ) set?

    anyway I have some problem reproducing this outside my bigger app… so i'll get back on this later. :slight_smile: