1:1/2D Image rasterization

I want to put a "screensaver" or "splash screen" over my scene in jME.  I don't want to stick it on a quad in front of the camera, because I don't want the distortion from the perspective projection.  In 2D land, I'd just bitblt the image onto the display.  I don't know that that'll work here.

Any ideas?

I use a Swing JLabel on a JMEDesktop.

Hmm… I don't really want to reimplement our framework around the JMEDesktop.

Do I have access to the pixel buffer in jME?  Can I just go in after the render pass and bitblt an image into it?

Use the ORTHO queue.

I've managed to get a splash screen going with glDrawPixels from lwjgl.  It works pretty well as long as I go from showing the splash to rendering the scene.  However, if I go from rendering the scene and want to put up the splash, I get nothing but the background color.

Is this an issue of the final state after a standard jME render pass being undefined?  Is there some way to easily set it back to the initial state?

once again, ortho mode…


The ortho queue worked.  Thanks.

I thought that it was for billboards… didn't realize it was for HUDs and such.