2079 Warnings

Is it normal that there are so “many” warnings? A big chunk of them are imports and local variables that are never used or missing defaults in switch blocks.

In what context are you seeing warning?

The linter complains and gradle build.
For example:


You can always create a pull request to clean up JME’s code base :slight_smile:

I know I know :joy: But I want to make sure that I don’t miss something befor I spam pull requests.

I think the universal laws of coding are also in effect here, fire away! Maybe try to keep them relatively small. Like per module or something. A single PR that cleans whole jME code base is hard to swallow.

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I think that the “is never used” warning refers only to the current project.
One of the reasons that so many of those pop up is because of the project/test structure.

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Some of them are but there are imports or private functions that are not used.

Of those warnings :
100~ never touched
150~ missing default in switch
500~ Raw type warnings like “Class clazz = …”
1100 ~ Deprecated warnings

My guestimation is that you can get rid of 60% of the first three without a hassle. The deprecated stuff is a bit harder. Sometime there are comments like “// Need to find a better way”

I will try it like tonihele said step by step and highlight stuff I am not sure about in the Pull request. Should I link the pull request here?

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