3D Models

Is there any need in the contribution area in terms of 3D Mesh models?

I would like to help out in some way if possible, I’m a 3D modeling hobbyist, and part time learn / tutorial with 3D engines in my spare time. And so far jME3 has been the best experience yet, and i would like to contribute anyway I could.


  • Joe

Hi Joe!

We definitely need good material to use in demos and promotion material. Render-ready models (<100k vertexes) with color/normal/specular maps are very welcome. Although we are also working on a game that will basically copy BattleZone II and still need a complete set of models for that I dont want to throw such a big task at you like this ^^ I think a nice renderable scene of any type would already be a big contribution! We would of course mention you in big letters :slight_smile:



Sounds good :slight_smile:

I need motivation to get pointed in the right direction. I’m a Lightwave Hobbyist, And can export via Ogre. So if there is something specific I could work on, this would be even better. Better to have a goal for an idea then just a shot in the dark so to speak :slight_smile:

Since we’re in dire need for promo shots atm. maybe something that can fill a screen, a model with a black background is always a bit… you know :slight_smile: How about a devastated postnuclear corner of a city? Like a crossway with broken houses around. Or something more closed, like a small church altar. Somehow the gaming aspect should be there :slight_smile:



Yeah something scene-ish would be cool. If you can also add normal/specular maps to that it would be great :smiley:

You can also have a go at a hover-tank, I wasn’t able to find any when I looked online …

In preparing for an allover improved contributor’s handbook, I started this draft on google docs for 3D artists:


That should provide you with the samples you need to understand what we’re looking for.

I’ll see if I can come up with something city scene-ish, And a little ruined looking. Thanks for some ideas. The models would more then likely be UV mapped before export.

Thanks a bunch, looking forward to it :slight_smile: Something that would look good with a small pond/lake around/nearby it would be perfect. You just need to prepare the hole though, and we’ll bring the water :smiley:


By the way what would be a good scale for this city scape? English units if possible.

Uh… Scale doesnt matter too much 1unit=1meter would be the perfect fit for the bullet physics.



Since that same question popped up with the last artist we talked to, I’ll add it to the guidelines.

Well with the design process it helps to have a relative scale in a since of the world area, as well as making the base textures for the models. Since we typically think of things in a “real world” scale, it just helps with the design process from a starting point.

Sure things can be scaled once in the environment, but it’s much easier if it can be avoided altogether. And with using UV textures for models. I assume over scaling can degrade the overall appearance.

I’ve also noticed that in the past when I was testing some things with jME2, and was forced to use blender. Is that Blender doesn’t use a unit system other then blender units. So it’s hard to know what scale one is actually working with in Blender. But with most 3D modeling applications, there is a scale that can be followed in terms of real worlds units. Just tossing some of the things I have run across in the past with various applications.


Since this forum seems to be slow a at times, I can be reached at pixelact@cfl.rr.com

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Heh, about our forum, you just happened to visit on a particularly unfortunate pair of days. We’ve been looking into the issues, and although I can’t say for sure we’ve solved them for good, we’re on the lookout now.

As for your own forum, I don’t think people are gonna want yet another forum they have to register on to use, and only for emergencies at that. It’s best if we can keep all jME communication in one place. Appreciate the e-mail though, I’ve got you on my contact list now :wink:

During downtimes (honestly, they’re not that often though! :smiley: ) you should keep an eye on http://twitter.com/jmonkeyengine as we use our third party services to communicate with users when our own servers are down.

I have come up with a basic sketch idea of a base city scene. I’ll start work on some modeling probably this thursday, I have an extra day off this week :slight_smile: This will take me a bit of time.

I"ll model it out close to real world size. It’s looking like the rough dimensions will be close to: 400x400 feet. About 4 main structures with some prop type structures off the main path.

Btw, about the hover tank idea, What are some specifics you would like in such a vehicle?

  • Joe

Sounds great man, looking forward to see your work!

lwsquad said:
(...) Btw, about the hover tank idea, What are some specifics you would like in such a vehicle?
We actually got the hover tank already, courtesy of @nehon, so no need to worry about that one :)
erlend_sh said:
We actually got the hover tank already, courtesy of @nehon, so no need to worry about that one :)

Uh, I'd rather say we have a prototype for a whole series of related models now :P

Nice :slight_smile: Grats, All I can say is nice :slight_smile:

Maybe it could be good to have several models of tank, or other hover vehicles, helicopter etc…

The tank can be seen in TestHoverTank or here http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/1328/tankp.png

it’s about 4800 tri with diffuse, normal, specular map. I made 2 sets of maps, high res 2048 and low res 1024.

I think you should focus first on the scene, then maybe you can come up with similar vehicles?

Nice work Nehon, looks good!