3d-shooter creating problem (player's hand model) (RUS)

How to bind model of hand to flycam?

As well as create a skin player?

PS: Sorry for bad english :frowning:

add it to the guiNode

We need details… plz!

Can you show the piece of code?

I think the guiNode makes it orthogonal, perhaps it should be added to a node that is connected to the same collisionShape as the camera, although that may have some difficulties in clipping that I have been wondering about before.

Did you do the HelloCollision tutorial? You may be enlightened by that after you read this post.

There is no information for this in HelloCollision

@gorilla: dont try to solve a problem for which you cannot even imagine the solution… first try to understand the basics of the engine, then ways to do things will become apparent. A simple way to have the spatial move with the camera is by using a CameraControl or by simply setting its location relative to the cam each frame.

yea… we not totally understand all basics of the engine, so we try to do it. How we can get the cam vector?

Open up the javadocs for JME. Look for Camera. Look at the methods of camera and see if you can figure out how to get it’s location.

Pretty much… if you don’t learn to use the javadoc then you might want to give up now. It’s an essentially part of using APIs.

CameraControl might be easier, though. (I’ve never used it so I can’t say for sure.) Manually updating an object’s position relative to the camera and it’s view direction is a hard way to go when you are still trying to figure out how to find where the camera is located.

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But you should probably do the tutorials and stuff.