A Couple of Application Tweaking Video Tips for jMonkeyEngine

Hey guys,

Well, I don’t exactly know where to fit this in on the knowledge base, especially considering that I’m still adapting my brain over to jMonkeyEngine. I’m still making my asset development kit for my game, but I’ve been tossing out info on youtube as I go, both to mark where I’ve been and where I’m going with my code, as a side fun thing.

So, I’m putting out some tips. I hope they help on the polish side for those that like these kinds of things.

Tip 1: Changing the Title, SettingsDialogImage, and Application Icon (jMonkeyEngine + GIMP)

Tip 2: Changing the Cursor (jMonkeyEngine + GIMP)

Game On… :slight_smile:


Very handy! @zathras can you think of a place to put this?