A few questions

  1. why does rotations ignore a node’s “lower” children - I have a character whose head and body are two separate meshes, they are joined but not “stitched” together in blender, exported and brought into jme3 …when I applied a rotation to the node I notice only the head rotates I had to loop through the model node to apply rotations

    [java]for(int i=0;i<hitmanControl.getQuantity();i++){



  2. ragdoll character test …(nice test by the way) is that a work in progress, if not, Is it that a user must design his own collision routines for interacting with immovable objects just asking… just messed about with it a bit and it completely ignores the floor and sphere
  1. Err, rotate the root node? xD https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:scenegraph_for_dummies I think this is just a matter of scene graph organization.
  2. Yes, this is kinematic physics. You can try using a CharacterControl and the RagDollControl however. The CharacterControl would move the ragdoll which in turn moves the collision shapes. This requires messing a bit with collision groups tho to avoid collision rag doll vs character.

got u on 2…1 not so much… which root node the models rootnode :? if so I did that iniatially and got an exorcist effect with the head :? it would rotate but not the body

the model is loaded to hitman node like

[java] hitman = (Node) assetManager.loadModel(“assets/Models/hitman/hitmanBodyMesh.mesh.xml”);[/java]

however only the head would rotate when rotation is applied to hitman node but both meshes are in hitman, since looping through the model node i.e. hitman, causes the entire model to rotate as expected :?

as for the link read some of it a while back, but I don’t think I am misunderstanding the concept in this instance

Well you say the concept does not apply? You really rotate the model node and the children do not rotate with it? Thats black magic! It cannot be, lets call the ghostbusters! Are you sure you do not rotate the node like node.getLocalTranslation().xxxLocal()? You always have to use the setters to change the translations! If you do, please post a test case for this.

well I can’t seem to reproduce the issue as previously explained somehow :? :cry: but it does still exist just not as previously explained :? really gotta go see what the hell is going on… I’ll post that test case if I cant make sense of it…loop through will have to do, if I can’t figure it out though… I have a shader issue that has since captured my attention that I am trying to work out