A little shoutout to our Beta Contest winners

I’ve been contemplating putting a simple contest format together again, so in light of that I dug up the old Beta Contest Winners thread.

I was very delighted to see that all top 3 developers have continued to excel at what they do and are still cranking out great stuff.

@thetoucher just got his Maker’s Tale game greenlit! (more about that later when he’s back from his koala hunt)

@ndebruyn is cranking out Android games like there’s no tomorrow.

@ceiphren continued to iterate on his pirates concept and eventually finished the kick-ass game that is PirateHell.

Bravo you guys! Don’t forget that the Beta Contest made you. 50% royalties on all future endeavours should cover it.

In short, we should definitely do more contests! :smiley:

Cool, thanks man,
Yes I definitely agree, we should really make a contest an annual or even quarterly thing.
Such great things comes from a contest like that. One really excels in all game development faces.

So I am in 100%!

Good idea.

How about monthly :wink: We’ll see how it goes!