Absolute texture size?

Noob question

I simply want that my texture I use on a mesh everytime has the same dpi size, not depending on the shape/scale of my mesh.

Example: I have a quad containing 2 triangles, that is not rectangular |_/ The texture should simply repeat where it is necessary, and not distort.

So: the texture should NOT be scaled to the meshs size, just repeating. How can this be done?

Thanks for your help!

Well set the texturecoords accordingly, and the texture to wrap mode.

Set the material/texture to have the clip mode repeat.
Adjust uv mapping on the vertices of the shape accordingly.

how to get the engine in this case to repeat the tex into the white spaces? it is a texture map, so I can’t scale the texture coordinates up, only down, which works well.

when loading the texture from assetmanager set on the texture object the Wrapmode.
It should then behave as coord = coord%1

eg 0,0 -> 2,2 will result in the texture being 4 times shown total.

Now some math, if v1 to the end of your texture is 1,1 and ingame a distance of 1 meter per side but yout white quad is total 1.5m per side v4 should be 1.5,1.5

Thank you very much, that helped a lot! it didn’t work with my texture map, loading the textures as single files work :slight_smile: