Adding a picture object into the 3-D space

I am trying to make a framed picture on a wall of a house model I have loaded.
To load the picture I use the Picture class. In all the guides I found, you would then attach the Picture class to the guiNode and create a 2-D gui. I tried attaching the picture to the rootNode, with no errors, but the picture doesn’t show up. What is the proper way of adding a 2-d Picture to the 3-D space?

You could just create a flat box and put your picture as a texture on it.
Like here

Well, picture is silly in that it puts itself into the GUI bucket automatically… which is dumb because it would have already inherited that from guiNode if placed in the guiNode.

So make sure to put it in the right bucket, ie: setQueueBucket(Bucket.Opaque) or whatever.