Adding a Spatial to the GUI Node

Hi there,

I’m trying to add a spatial to the Gui Node to simulate an equipped item in a first person setting.

The problem is when I attach the item to the guiNode it just seems to disappear completely.

It leaves the scene, but I do not see it on the screen anywhere.

I’m simply:


If there’s something special I’m supposed to do, Or if I just can’t do it like that please tell me.

Thanks for reading

Well, most 3D objects won’t look good in the gui node and this is not really the proper way to handle the FPS held gun. (See about 100 threads on this subject if you search.)

…but the reason your object doesn’t show up… and I’m only guessing because I can’t see your code… is probably because in the 3D world 1 unit = 1 meter and on the screen 1 unit = 1 pixel. So your object is probably super-teeny-tiny-invisible.

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