Adding clothes to a already loaded 3d character that got animation


Right now I finaly managed to a fix my character so it looks awsomely anime and smooth, AND can run and jump, with animations :smiley:

So anyways, I would need to know how to add clothes…

Cant find any tutorial for that, so I tried adding the trousers as a node, to the character mesh node.

Then the trousers does not deform among the animation skeleton.

Appriciate all help!

Dont want a naked anime guy running around on my map all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

For an animated character, I believe you will need to add them to the character first during the animating stage, then re-export the animation. At least for items like shirt, pants. I’ve thought about this also. Maybe find a way to swap textures for items like shirts and pants. I haven’t made it this far with jME yet though to try.

Your trousers model needs to be rigged with the same skeleton than your model and yield the same animations…

So for each clothes, I export it together with another copy of the character skelleton and then import the trousers with its own skelleton, then add the node to the character.

Then for each animation, I must run the animation on every skelleton for each cloth?

If Im correct, this is the way to do it?

lwsquad, doing it ur way is not possible if I were to enable my players to put on what ever clothes they would want.

For having 4 diffrent clothes I would have to export 4^4 characters = 16 diffrent models.

So ur way is not really an option to me, but Im sure jme3 got support for this in some way…


Have you ever played an MMO such as WOW? All the “gear” (clothes) are different models attached to the main base player model. How would you not expect different models for each type of clothing? The only other way I could see you doing it is making X amount of player models wearing the clothes you want and then you just change out the player model.

Also 4^4 is not 16, im assuming you meant 4x4.

:slight_smile: GL and Merry Xmas

Lawls, PHAIL MATH! :smiley:

Its break from school so my mind is turned off :stuck_out_tongue:

But I seriously got a hard time thinking wow would have made about a million diffrent character xml models just to fit all their equipment. I meen, Combining meshes must be possible in jme :frowning: Right?

Otherwise my hardrive is screwd :smiley:

Well, my idea is that some items on a character could be as simple as swapping a material on a model, like a shirt for example. Other slots would need to be actual models like. helm, shoulders, gloves and boots they would need to be attached to the characters bones.

Some of these can also be a combination of both, like take a boot for another example, only the object above the ankle could be an actual model attached to the lower leg bone, and the foot part that deforms could just be a material.

Addez said:
But I seriously got a hard time thinking wow would have made about a million diffrent character xml models just to fit all their equipment. I meen, Combining meshes must be possible in jme :( Right?

Maybe not a million, but probably several thousands.

I'm gonna tell you how it was done in Dragon age origin, I guess it's similar in WOW.
Characters were splits in 5 parts : Head, torso (with arms), wrist, legs, feet.
There were 3 races : Elves, Humans, Dwarves. and you could choose to be male or female.
So for each piece of armor there were 6 models, one for each race/gender combination (usually just the same model with different scale).
There were no such thing as a complete character model, even naked the characters had the "naked torso", "naked legs" and so on...

Each pieces of armor were rigged with the suitable skeleton (one skeleton for each race/gender combination again).

So's a lot of work, that's why in wow, new armor sets were often old sets with different colors, that's why in Dragon Age origin armors were very similar with just a different texture...because even for Blizzard or Bioware...that's a lot of work.

If you want to make a rpg, and not willing to throw all your time in modeling, i suggest you create just one hero, and to make him dress the same way through the whole game (Final Fantasy style). just change the weapon he's using. It's a lot less work.
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JME2 has support for animated clothes. Look through the forums for “hottbj”, and you’ll find tutorials on how to achieve it.

This feature can be a bit issue-prone, especially if you add clothes with a slightly different skeleton to the model

However if the skeletons are identical, then this feature should be very easy to add

Yea the skelletons are the same, but I cannot load a mesh using mesh.xml and skelleton.xml files.

I must use j3o or I will get a nullpointer for no reason.

So I can’t access the characters skelleton either :confused:

Can you post the stack trace?

Had a thread for it here:

Tho nothing really helped so I had to go with the j3o solution…

Would be great if you found out whats wrong, would help me and others ALOT :smiley: