Afterimage Effect

I am looking to create an effect where my character can run, and behind him there will be a blur of where he was a milisecond ago, in the position he was a milisecond ago.

This can make nice effects for things like speed skills, where the character flashes forwards.

Any ideas?

Well the simplest approach would be: Clone the model, set it transparent, make the transparent clone chase the main model. Repeat if required.

If not then I guess you could investigate motion blur shaders etc.

Stop here now, @Rukiryo. You just about managed to load a model, now you dabble with a topic that will lead you to shaders and other topics. Get a handle on the engine and what you do first before going deeper into topics that will not be less confusing than those hat already confused the heck out of you (we all witnessed). So please, do your game without blur for now and come back to that later when you actually have a game.