Alpha blending and clipping

Hi, I have faced with alpha blending problem.
So, in my example I used ShaderBlow/Materials/FakeParticleBlow/FakeParticleBlow.j3m

and as you can see, by default it creates this Hard edge clipping alpha. I dont know, maybe this is my mistake, or problem with my model (I tested single sided and double sided models, no change)

But if i switch to sky (in queue bucket) hard edge dissapear, but…it is sky rendering mode

Default model have same artefacts:

Being familiar with alpha and sorting might help here. If you haven’t already read it then this might be a good primer:

Especially since putting it in the sky bucket fixes the problem… there is no depth there.

It could be turning off depth write fixes it. I don’t know how the effect is done, though.


Thank you! :pray:

IT IS JUST AWESOME! ^_^, triple thanks.


very nice

This looks awesome!