AlphaMap problems since update

Well I updated 1-2 days ago and suddenly transparent objects behave strange:

that tree has set diffuse and alphamap for the leafes, and before I updated everything wored fine.

(Also the alpha discard threashold suddenly vanished from the lightin materiaL? is this intended?)

The problem is, for some reason the transparent parts are transparent to my main scene,

not the texturerenderer where the tree is present in.

What causes this kind of bahavior?

(Note the 3d scene and the gui are rendered independent to textures, then thos textures are renderd in the main viewport)

The tree is a third texturerenderer present in the gui system.

Alpha discard threshold was doing the same thing as the similar RenderState settings so it was removed. That may also be why your tree looks wrong.

Yes, thats it. So if I get this right, the alpha was outputed instead of being tested with the diffuse, and so my rendertexture became partly transparent right?

The discard threshold or alpha fall off mean that pixels are discarded when they are more transparent than a certain amount. If they are not discarded then they are written to the color and the Z-buffer… the latter of which can cause problems for things that are drawn after but are behind the object in Z.