Altering terrain texture

Are there any standard jME terrain texturing approaches that support making permanent alterations to the terrain texture? (like skidmarks, blood splatters, that kind of thing)?

There's the ProjectedTextureUtil class but it uses multitexturing so it won't work if you have many ( >4) splat textures.

You might want to make your own class for this; the best approach is to replicate a small portion of the terrain where you want the splats and then render it.

How is this normally done in such games as shooters, with "decal" textures that are used for bulletholes, explosion remnants, etc?

I know that usually you can set a max # of bullet holes…so that'd help with memory (a linkedlist where you add to the back and remove from the front of the list, or something), but what to actually use to display the texture…I dunno.

i use a quad, but the disadvantage is that it looks crappy at edges. i think "they" check for edges and wrap the "quad" around it.