Alternative physics engine?

I was just wondering if there was an easy way to integrate a new physics engine in jmonkeyengine?

I want to start playing around with other engines but for now I am stuck with jbullet.

and if it’s not easy, is it documented how you need to do it?

No, each physics engine handles stuff so differently that a general abstraction layer doesnt make sense (it only brought problems in jME2). If you want to add another physics engine I suggest doing it similar to the current jbullet implementation, extending spatials. Or use a system of controllers. Whats the problem with bullet?

If you want to look into an alternative physics engine for jME3 I would recommend Jinngine by @silcowitz. No work has been done on an integration with jME yet though, so you’d have to do that part yourself, or find someone more experienced to help you out. If anyone decides to start working on this integration, I know @silcowitz will be happy to collaborate.

you will not beleive it but that was exactly the engine I was tinking of.

I did some mailing and he was very helpfull.

I’ll see what I am able to implement myself

Glad to hear it. I hope you’ll keep us up to date with your progress, and hopefully share your work if you get it to a workable state?

As we’ve already got Bullet I don’t see this going into core, but Jinngine would make an excellent extension as an optional physics engine. We’ve wanted to work with Morten for a very long time, but the missing, that is a jME developer with sufficient time on his hands, has so far kept this collaboration stagnant.

Good luck mate!

thank you,

don’t expect a complete integration like jbullet but at least I want to create a workable state.

I’ll keep everyone informed when I have something worth showing