Anim8or 3DS animations

hi everyone, just a question, im learning the basics of animation with JME, and my im able to load 3DS models in my game. now im using the program anim8or as its free and what i do is create a model, animate it using keyframes that anim8or supports [im pretty sure thats what it is] then i export the sequence which is in a 3DS file. now im trying to work out how to animate the model in my game. also anim8or exported all this into 1 file.

so far ive worked out i need some of these lines of code. first off though objMax <-- is my 3ds model thats is converted into JME and works.

    public static KeyframeController animateMe =new KeyframeController();





can someone help me to sort out what i need to do to get the animation working. thankyou!

If you converted it with MaxToJme then you don't need to create a controller, the controller is already embedded in the spatial. It should be at the root of the spatial which you got when you loaded with BinaryImporter.

ah interesting, so how would i get it to animate then?