Animated procedural textures


is it possible to use such animated textures with JME3? –Animated Procedural Textures–

In the case it works, do I have to bear in mind something special when using this kind of textures?


you mean just changing the uv coordintes ?

[java]public void transformUV(Mesh meshToLoad, Mesh whereToSave,Vector2f uvMoveOffset,float uvRotateAngle,Vector2f uvScaleAmount)


VertexBuffer loadUVBuffer = meshToLoad.getBuffer(Type.TexCoord);

float[] uvArray = BufferUtils.getFloatArray((FloatBuffer) loadUVBuffer.getData());

for (int i = 0; i < uvArray.length; i+=2)


float u = uvArray;

float v = uvArray;

//Translation by uvMoveOffset

u = u + uvMoveOffset.x;

v = v + uvMoveOffset.y;

//Rotation by uvRotateAngle

u = u * FastMath.cos(uvRotateAngle) - v * FastMath.sin(uvRotateAngle);

v = u * FastMath.sin(uvRotateAngle) + v * FastMath.cos(uvRotateAngle);

//Scale by uvScaleAmount

u = u * uvScaleAmount.x;

v = v * uvScaleAmount.y;

uvArray = u;

uvArray = v;


VertexBuffer saveUVBuffer = whereToSave.getBuffer(Type.TexCoord);



I’m not sure if this has the same effect like the animated texture in the tutorial I posted. It is a prerendered animation of a procedural texture. In your example I’d use a mesh with a static texture. Or am I wrong? Would moving the uvMoveOffset on the z axis with a static texture still produce a cloudy/watery effect?