Animating a custom mesh

2 questions i could not find answers for on my own…

  1. how would i create and apply animations to a custom mesh?

  2. would it be possible to apply a (poly-accurate) physics collision shape that would update itself to match the actual animation?

I can answer #1: you can create a mesh in blender and animate it there, and then export it. That is probably the easiest. (or import an animated mesh into blender then export it from there). I do this all the time with the Ogre exporter in Blender.

  1. if by Custom mesh you mean made by code in the engine the answer is yes. But that’s kinda a have to create a bone structure, and then had a boneIndex and boneWeight buffer to the mesh and fill them to suit your needs. @Sploreg suggestion would be a lot easier.

    2)Not really, you can use a hull collision shape that would fit the mesh exactly, but it wouldn’t update upon animation.

    A way to do this is to split the mesh in several hull collision shapes that would animate with the bones.

    Look what is done in the KinematicRagdollControl, we create a hull collision shape for each bone according to boneIndex and boneWeight data and it gives very satisfying results.

    Here is an old video demonstrating it

thank you guys, the kinematic ragdoll control video displays almost exactly what i was looking for, (collision shape for each bone, thats perfect! i will check that out!) …and it seems i should listen to good advice and finally learn how to use blender instead of trying to assign animations to custom meshes created by code in the engine.