Animation Sync

I am interested in finding out if this is a bug or working as intended:


  1. Create 3 items in blender… say a person, leg armor & boots
  2. Attach all to the same armature skeleton
  3. Create a walk animation
  4. Export each with the attached animations
  5. Add all to a node in jme3 and start the animation cycle for walk on all 3 spatials with the same speed…

    This is the results:

    They start playing synchronized and slowly get further and further out of sync the longer the animation plays.

    Since they are all based off the same armature skeleton, they all have the exact same key frames, spaced over the exact same number of frames, they are all being played at the exact same playback speed… I can only assume this is either a bug in OGRE’s export or JME3’s import (or animation playback).


    Thanks in advance!

NOTE: I couldn’t find an appropriate place for animation… this forum is probably not it… but…

Final thought…

Is animation playback taking into consideration tpf? It seems to me that objects with a higher tri count play slower than items with few tris… which would account for what I am seeing.

Ok… I found the issue. Hope no one ran off looking for a fix for this. While looking over how they were going out of sync, I noticed that two of the three items were synced after all. The problem was:

One of the nodes was named the same as the scene. When exporting that item, the skeleton.xml file contained the animation info for all items instead of just the single mesh.

Seeeeeew… no bug, but word of warning to any who have this issue happen! Watch your naming convention! Scene name + mesh named the same = BAD :wink:


Thanks for sharing ur info t0neg0d.

Indeed, this is one of those hard to find out.