AnimChannel blend time bug (nightly)

I’m not sure this is the right place, or even if I’m supposed to post bugs from nightly? Or even if this is actually a proper bug, but I felt it might be something that goes unnoticed.

Anyway, I noticed when I updated from what I think was 3.0.0 stable to the latest nightly that for animations that have only 1 frame, if you do:

animChannel.setAnim(java.lang.String name, float blendTime)

It no longer blends, regardless of the value. This is not the same for longer animations.

Hello could you post a test case?

Yes, will do asap

I’m sorry this took so long, but I’ve run into a bunch of problems with this.

Here is the download: Dropbox - Error
Tell me if there’s any problems or you want it in another format. Just rename any of the dated folders to “lib” and the jar will run. If you want it without the lib folders included because of the size I can post that too, just wanted to save you the trouble of downloading and extracting them.

Here is the source:

BUT, basically, all that is relevant is 3 animations here, “still”, 1 frame, “torch”, 1 frame, and “run”, which is like 20 or so. (Torch is just a frame with the models hand to the head, its a head torch)

When you press enter, it does: channel1.setAnim(“run”,5); (then set looped)
When you let go of enter, it does: channel1.setAnim(“still”,5f); (then set looped)
When you press space, it does: channel1.setAnim(“torch”, 5f); (and it sets to not loop)
Uses an event listener, when “torch” ends, it sets to still again 0.25 blend time

I could not work out which version I had before I updated, so included are two from 3.0 stable, and one 3.1 nightly. I did find though that the bug was also in the later 3.0 stable (its in 2014-04-25). 2014-02-13 works for the running animation (make sure you hold enter till the running has stopped blending, its 5 seconds blend), but for the spacebar torch animation, it only blends back to still, it does not blend into the animation.

I could not try the most recent nightly builds as it just didnt launch with them. Furthermore, whichever version I had originally (I downloaded the SDK a while back), the torch animation when you press space blended both in and out perfectly with the exact same code.

I’m sorry this is a little complicated, but with 2014-04-25 and 2014-02-13 you can see the bug with the running animation. I have no idea why the torch animation blends out but not in. I updated in netbeans and it seems 2014-06-30 nightly is the one I got, which I first noticed the problem in.

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I’m gonna test. But i think I know what the problem is…and it’s gonna be difficult to fix.
There was a big issue when the blend time was greater than the animation time, and it has been fixed. Yet I guess the fix broke your use case.
Anyway thanks for the detailed test case, I’m gonna look into it.

I figure I can just add another identical keyframe to my animation to make it longer, so not the biggest deal if its a really difficult fix. Thanks anyway, gl.