Any animators or modelers out there?

Over the last year or so I’ve been working on my game engine in my spare time. Now has come the time to complete the core. As I’m wrapping things up something has become very clear , I don’t have any models or animations. Frankly I don’t have the time or desire to learn to animate or model.

Is there anyone out here who can animate/model ? I have the code side taken care of. I’m looking for someone who would be interested in creating single player open world type games like the elder scrolls series or gothic , though I’m open to any genre.

This is probably not the right forum for that :stuck_out_tongue: you can go try on

IndieGamer Help Wanted (UNPAID AND PROFIT SHARING) | Indie Gamer Forums
DevLog : DevLogs
OpenGameArt :

Just to name a few. Now you might want to get something a bit more attractive and be ready to get disapointed by a lot of newbies but you should be able to find something :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, I already have a post on open game art with some footage I’m just waiting for a bite :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll check those other ones out as well. It never hurts to check here :slight_smile:

Np, but you must go check polycount to :stuck_out_tongue: this is where I found the best… and the worts x)

i am currently trying to make a 3D lowpoly hand painted fence. And when finished i’ll make it available.

edit : available here


Merci. Great job.

Hello, jojoofu I`m a 3D Artist. I’m interested in your project.
My portfolio available here: