Anybody has a medieval gui style for Lemur?

The default glass style is not proper for a medieval RPG. So I am curious if anybody has a medieval wooden style for Lemur willing to share with the community?

Actually, there is this UI pack from Kenney which I like and is under CC0 license:

but in my last try, I failed to port it to Lemur. I am not experienced with Lemur styling yet.

Maybe someone is interested to give it a try? :slightly_smiling_face:

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so you say in Lemur you cant easly just override default style?

No, it’s just I do not understand Lemur styling and do not want to spend my time to learn it at the moment, last time I spent 5~10 minutes to port above GUI pack but the result was not appealing and I left it.
So I am just curious to know if anybody is interested to try it or already has one to share it. :wink:

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Which one of the styles in the spritesheet you posted would you prefer? I might give it a shot.

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@grizeldi thanks for your interest :slightly_smiling_face:

something looks similar to this:

Not sure which one fits which GUI components. Maybe gray for buttons, dark brown for panels, light brown for labels?
Feel free to choose the one you think is more suitable.

btw, there is also an SVG version you can use for generating high-resolution images.

Preferably in pure Java if you like. :blush:


Got a font that would fit along with it somewhere?

Sorry, but I can’t stand the standard “making GUI in code” spaghetti code, so this will probably be groovy.

Nope, unfortunately. Wouldn’t Lemur’s default font fit it?

No problem at all. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again for your interest on this.

Probably it will. But from experience I can say that non-default-looking fonts make an UI much nicer.

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Do you have one in your mind? I can search the web for some good looking fonts if you want.

No, I don’t. If you can find something that would fit, it would be great.

Okay, going to look for it soon.

I already did a ‘medieval’ style for lemur.
I used the trajan pro (regular and bold) font:

For long blocks of text (quest description for example) I still prefer Arial. But this font is nice for titles/labels/buttons…

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If anyone has some code for a lemur gui with various elements and doesn’t mind sharing, I’d love to have something to test the looks on.

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Quick search:

@grizeldi can you please take a look at them?

Personally, I more like the first and second one.

I can search for something else if you do not like the above ones.

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I already saw yours in your demo videos. Looks very nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure which option looks better (the main container, pay attention to the stretching of the border details).

Both options seem a bit off to me, but if I try to scale the image so the details would be bigger, everything gets blurry.

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The first one seems to be more appealing for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Any other Lemur element from the UI pack that you want styled besides what’s already here?

Sadly the pack doesn’t contain the progress bar backgrounds.

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Probably the ListBox if it is ok for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait… wow… is this in Lemur, man it looks exactly the same, I did not recognize it at first look, I thought it is the image from the pack. Great job and thanks soooooo much :grinning::ok_hand::+1::hibiscus::heart:

Isn’t the one I marked in below image supposed to be the bar background?

The file name is barBack_horizontalMid.png