Anyone know where i can find this kind sir?

@DarkFrog, I have been trying to find and get a hold of Darkfrog for quite some time now, i thought his work on JGN was great and i noticed he used to help out with JME, does anyone know here i can get a hold of him now? I’m in dire need of his help with JGN, sigh and the last post on his forums there was quite a few months back. Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated.

He is working on his own 3D engine these days, called Sgine. He’s not involved with jME nor JGN any longer, so if you want his help in this department I doubt he could spare the time, as he is no doubt seriously invested in his own project.

If you must have some assistance with JGN, @Tumaini might be able to lend a hand if you ask very nicely :slight_smile: He’s been working quite a bit with JGN for his own game, and you’ll notice that all of JGN’s latest updates are by him, h…jordefamn.

What I would really recommend though, is having a look at SpiderMonkey. If not already, this system is definitely going to be on par with the likes of JGN. It’s being actively developed by @Levia, and I suggest you get in touch.


Just to bump what @erlend_sh said, SpiderMonkey is looking very cool and has the benefit of jME community input from just about day 1…